The Northern Federation of Dive Clubs is a long standing federation which has provided a much needed focal point for Scuba Diving Clubs in the North of England to communicate with other clubs and divers in the area. Founded in 1958 shortly after the British Sub Aqua Club (BSAC), it is in fact now the last of the Federations to exist. This longevity is due to the unstinting efforts of its officers and volunteer members. The Federations primary aims include the promotion of the interests of divers both locally and nationally. To promote communication between clubs so that divers can enjoy diving with other clubs, visiting different dive site and experiencing as many diverse types of diving as possible. We have a unique history as pioneers, as many of the common practices now found in diving were previously only available in the South of England. Perhaps one of our crowning achievements was the raising of a Spitfire in the Lake District in the 1970’s. We are a very friendly group and we would welcome new members either as individuals or Clubs. The one thing I can guarantee is you will be given a very warm welcome.